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Pokestops at Disney Springs Area

  • 6 Gyms
  • Over 75 Pokestops in Disney Springs Area
  • Multiple Lures Daily

Interactive Pokemap

  • Pokemon DS

Pokemon Locations at Holiday Inn Disney Springs

  • Pokemon1

Pokestop #1 is the logo fountain at the driveway near front of hotel. Capture your elusive Pokemon or find some of the items below:

  • Pokeballs
  • Potions
  • Revive
  • Razz Berry
  • Egg
  • Lucky Egg
  • Pokemon2

Pokestop #2 is at the Trail Map located near the street at the front of the hotel

A PokeStop will grant you three to four items at a time. Until you're level 5, PokeStops will grant you exclusively PokeBalls and Pokemon Eggs. Once you reach level 5, at times PokeStops will generate up to six PokeBalls, and other items such as Revives and Potions to use now that your trainer can access Gyms and battle other Pokemon

  • Pokemon3
  • Pokemon4
  • Pokemon5